Unoffice Hours ✨

30 minutes to chat about anything you’d like. Wednesdays between 4:30pm and 5pm (CET/CEST).

What are Unoffice Hours?

Matt Webb created Unoffice Hours as a twist on office hours in September 2020. It’s a way of opening up your calendar to talk to people about…well, anything really.

I picked it up from Dave Smyth after I had a call with him and I just loved it. I enjoy talking to people out of genuine interest, something that is often lacking in professional settings where everything needs to have a ‘return on investment’.

I would call Unoffice Hours a more honest (and introvert-friendly) form of networking; simply sitting down and getting to know each other, talking about plans & ideas, exchanging knowledge, and musing about the state of the world.

It’s all good!

Don’t be shy, I won’t bite. 😀

I encourage anyone to book a chat but doubly so if you are a woman, lgbtqa+, or a person of color. You are 100% welcome here.


There’s other interesting people offering Unoffice hours. In old-school fashion you can jump from site to site and check it out.

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