GraphicsGrove is the online home of me, Eva Brarens, a freelance web designer from Antwerp. I’m a philosophy student turned self-taught web designer who enjoys comics, drawing and taking care of plants (exciting, I know). I occasionally rant on Twitter; feel free to follow me there.

I can help you with

Web design

Design is first and foremost about understanding your visitors, their needs, and making them feel welcome. I can help you find the right mix of function and style that makes your site stand out.

Front-end development

HTML/CSS and Javascript are my weapons of choice. I can build a prototype of your website or app, or (in-browser) wireframes.

Custom WordPress themes

Professional WordPress themes with the functionalities you need. No bloat, fast pageloads, built on WordPress best practices with an eye for SEO and accessibility.

What if you need more than a website?

Whether you need a logo or a full branding makeover, a profile picture or a whole catalogue of product shots, a bit of copywriting or a dedicated content strategist; I work with a wide range of freelancers who know their jobs inside and out. I’ll help you set up the perfect team for your project.

Want me to help you with your client’s project?

Are you a designer, design studio, or development company? I’d love to work together!

I can help transform your design to a WordPress theme or a static site—whatever you prefer. As with any project, I do ask that we can talk about the project before the client signs off on it; I want to make sure the design we’re implementing makes sense from both a technical and usability angle.


Check some examples of my work or learn more about my project approach and pricing.
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