Supported Browsers & Devices

Building websites also means making choices on how and what to implement as the technology that powers them changes at a very fast pace. My general strategy is to make use of the latest tech to make designs stand out while also providing simpeler fall-backs for older browsers and devices.

This does mean that websites don’t look the same in all situations.

There are three main reasons:

  1. Screen size Impacts both layout and functionality as smaller screens require a different way of viewing and interacting with elements of a site.
  2. Browser Each browser interprets how website code will be rendered in their own way. Sometimes the differences are small, other times it can differ quite drastically.
  3. Age This goes for both devices and browsers. Older technology means less options, less power, less functionality.

As much as I would like to, I can’t take into account all of the different options on the market so I have to make a decision on what to support.

What I support

I design and code with the following levels of support in mind depending on support segment.


Support levels

🟩 Active support

Designed to work optimally, full support of layout, functionality

Browsers: all modern browsers in current development.

Devices: all modern devices (max.5 years old) with screen sizes ranging 360×640 to 1920×1080

Browser list:

🟨 Functional support

Full support of functionality, partial support of layout

Browers: For slightly older browsers that are still in general use.

The layout will NOT work as in browsers that are actively supported but the website will be accessible and should remain readable & usable for all visitors

Devices: screen sizes above 1920×1080

Browser list:

🟧 Minimal support

Partial support of functionality, no support of layout

Browsers: For older browsers that have minimal use & default mobile web browsers

The website should still be readable and basic functions will work, however I can’t guarantee it will be fully functional

Browser list:

🟥 No support

The website content can be viewed but has no support for either layout or functionality

Browsers: Any browsers not in the previous categories

Devices: smart watches, game consoles

What if you absolutely need support for a non-supported browser or device?

If you think this is a must have we can work on improving your site design to work for older browsers or a specific device.

Please note that the design will NEVER match the one for the default modern browsers but we can make it look more in line with the general style.

Consider that this will increase development cost and time anywhere between 20% – 50%, depending on the browser(s) or device(s) you want to add support for.

Need more info?

Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.

All information on this page is valid until September 1st, 2024.