Let’s talk pricing

Web design and development is not an exact science, so having set prices doesn’t work particularly well. However, I do understand that you can’t make business decisions without knowing how much a project will cost. I’ve added some estimates* below to give you an idea of what to expect.

Hourly rate

A flat € 65,00 (VAT excl)

Make it work!

Do you need someone to help you build that design? No problem! I can transform your PSDs into HTML/CSS or a WordPress theme.

Starts at € 2.000  (VAT excl)

Pixel delight

A design immediately built in-browser so you’ll have the HTML/CSS to hand over to your developer.

Starts at € 2.500 (VAT excl)

Design & development
The big cake

A custom website with all the bells and whistles? You came to the right place! I’m here to help you from start to finish.

Starts at € 3.500 (VAT excl)

 Webshop design & development – An even bigger cake

Sorry, you’ll have to ask. There are so many details involved in building webshops that it’s impossible to give any sort of estimate. Please note that I only take on small webshop projects (max. 100 products).


*Concrete estimates can only be given on a per project basis. Current prices are valid until June 2020.


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