Science Park UAntwerp

Science Park University of Antwerp unites innovative enterprisers looking for made-to-measure office spaces and/or laboratories surrounded by an active network of experts. They created a campus for knowledge-intensive companies operating in the areas of Life and Environmental Sciences.

What we set out to do

Keeping campus residents up-to-date is easy with MailChimp mailings. In the last two years, I’ve created several event invitations for Science Park UAntwerp, ranging from seminars and symposiums to the opening of the local bar.


The design process

Creating graphics for mailings is a nice change of pace from designing websites. We’ll usually work around a banner concept to grab the visitor’s attention without losing a professional touch. Depending on the topic of the mailing, there are several different brand styles to work with including those of Science Park UA, Bar Harriet and Incubator Darwin.


Mail templates make life easier!

The development process

When using HTML mail, I prefer platforms such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor to ensure that every message A) actually gets delivered, avoiding any spam filters and B) looks great across all email software programs. They keep best practices in mind when it comes to unsubscribe links, make sure all legal matters are covered (did you know you need to add a physical address to each mailing?) and providing a text-only version of each mailing for greater accessibility.

The client can log in, make changes to the copy and send out the mailing themselves without my assistance. This saves time and money, as we don’t need as many rounds of revision. The templates also allow the client to make quick in-between mailings without having to consult me every time.