MediaSpecs is a specialized database search engine for media professionals. They offer a free news section and more in-depth, expert-generated content.


What we set out to do

A redesign of a very content-heavy website. The goal was to leave all content more or less as it was, just streamlined. We added several functionalities, such as an event calendar and a newsletter builder. The look needed to be brighter and more in tune with the logo design, while also allowing room for ads.

The design process

The biggest challenge was making sure that all functions, such as the database login area, were easily accessible, while giving the news section space to attract more visitors. We opted to use the brand’s signature colors to clarify the difference between the news and the product sections of the site. The style was kept simple to keep the focus on the content without interfering with the ad space.

The development process

The original site was built in Drupal, giving this project the added difficulty of transferring thousands of posts to a WordPress environment.

The website back-end consists of several custom content types, each with their own templates. A separate newsletter section was added to allow the client to build newsletters based on their latest articles without having to manually import the data into their mailing program.