Marianne Janssen

Marianne Janssen makes exquisite, one of-a-kind shawls with unique prints. The collection is limited to a small number of shawls each year.

Sometimes you don’t need a lot when designing a site. We wanted to create a minimalist, lookbook style for buyers to peruse. The target audience of the site are mostly boutique owners looking for unique pieces to buy. To keep the visitor’s focus on the designs, the website needed to be sober, but elegant, without any unnecessary embellishments.

The design process

The look and feel of the site are based on the photos: mostly long, narrow areas, black and white contrast, and nearly no additional elements on the page. The design was immediately made in-browser, without Photoshop or mockups.

The development process

This is a basic WordPress-built website. The category system is used to create the collection pages.


Ongoing development

For every new collection, the site is reviewed and changes are made according to the needs of the project.

In 2015, the collection page was changed to fit only one series while the alternative shawls were added to the singular shawl detail pages. This to solidify the idea of just one collection instead of three.

In 2017, we left the slider approach for the collection page to give a better overview of every collection.